Ashton’s Story


Ashton was born with a large nevus that covered most of his back which put him at a high risk for melanoma. At age 1 we started teh process of multiple surgeries to remove the nevus. At age 6 he was diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma and referred to St Judes. They started chemotherapy in March 2013. In December 2013 the melanoma reoccurred and they changed his chemo. Since December 2013 he has had 4 more recurrences which meant 4 surgeries to remove the tumors. He is now fixing to start radiation. He has been very brave throughout all of this. 


Ashton went to hosptial for treatment yesterday and found another tumor in his back.. when they got home at 10pm last night we noticed another tumor in his neck that was not there earlier in the day. We will go back Monday to find out if he will have surgery to remove them or if he will start radiation. This is his 6th tumor (that we know of) since Dec 2013.


Haven't posted in a while. He had scans a few weeks ago and the melanoma has went to the lining of his lung. The new chemo his dr wants to put him on has not been released yet to children and they will not release it to him. We found out today that he will have surgery next week and start radiation after that. Please keep him in your prayers. She is going to put him on a new medicine until the FDA releases the other


So we finally have a plan!!  Just talked to his dr again and she said we will not be able to get the medicine for another 10 days. She wants us to continue the other medicine for 3 more days. She will see us Tuesday and we will also meet with a specialist for bone marrow transplant.  This is another option she said we could try. Either Daniel or I would be the donor whichever one was a better match. This takes a few weeks to get back so she wants us to go ahead and do everything we need to in case we go that route. He will have scans next week before starting the new drug and will have to stay in Memphis while taking this drug. He also has a few more spots that we are concerned about on his neck and back. Please pray that these bumps are not melanoma.. Thanks for the prayers.


As of Tues, sweet Ashton has been released from St. Jude and Hospice will be taking over at their home. However, his Dr. at St. Jude does want to see him back next Thurs. Brandi stated that she thinks this will be the last trip they will need to make there. He will be starting on steroids soon to help with the discomfort. 

         Brandi and Daniel have truly amazed me as I watch how they handle every situation with Ashton's care. Brandi told me just Sunday that her and Daniel both have the assurance and hope that only God can give that He will help them get through this. That is so comforting. 

        As we visited with them last night Ashton mostly rested on the couch going in and out of sleep. His eyes would pop open when we asked him a WWE wrestling question and he had a very quick response! He is so smart! 

        Please continue to pray, as I know you are, for Ashton, Brandi, Daniel, and Bryson along with all the other family members during this hard time. 


This is hard to share. The time is nearing for our faithful warrior. He is resting peacefully at home with friends and family surrounding him. He is very comfortable. Please please stop right now and pray for the ones Ashton will leave behind as he enters his new life. His new life with no more cancer. No more pain. No more tears. And best of all he will meet his Creator. The One true God who created him perfectly and with the best personality a child could ever have. Thank you friends for all the support of Ashtons family. Please keep it coming!