Bethany’s Story

Rest In Peace Bethany. 

"In 2010 Bethany had surgery to have a mole removed from her ankle. The pathologists found the mole to be a Spitz Nevus, an uncommon skin lesion. After 2 excisions the surgeon gave results of a non-malignant Spitz Nevus with clear margins.

Over the past 3 years Bethany has received regular doctor's check up's and examinations. There have been no additional moles or markings whatsoever, until July, 2013.

Around the end of July, Bethany came to her mom to show her a swollen lymph node in her left upper thigh/groin area. Her mom took her immediately to see both her doctor and the surgeon that removed the Spitz Nevus 3 years earlier. They decided to put her on antibiotics and watch the lymph node closely. After a second run of antibiotics the lymph node had not decreased at all. The surgeon made a plan to biopsy the node, to be safe. Once inside, the surgeon decided to remove the entire node. The node was fully intact, clear, and had a complete hilum pointing to a non-cancerous result. Bethany and her family went on with their lives as usual until Thursday, when the surgeon scheduled a meeting with Bethany and her parents.

The specimen was examined by 3 pathologists and they all came to the same conclusion. Metastatic Melanoma. Bethany was immediately scheduled an appointment with an Oncologist. The family is currently awaiting final results of the scans as well as a plan for treatment.

The outpouring of love and support from the community has been incredible. Steve and Kelly are so very thankful for all the prayers, emails, texts, and posts they have been receiving. They have put complete faith in God and know that he is working in their lives and in Bethany's life through this difficult time. "

On Apirl 8, 2014 sweet Bethany's Melanoma was replaced with Angel wings.