This Handsome little Warrior is Caleb, and this is his story told by his mom Joy Eubanks Owens.

 “My (now 10 years old) son Caleb was diagnosed on June 12, 2013.   After a stage 3b diagnosis, a couple of surgeries- tumor & lymph node removal and a year of Interferon, he’s now thankfully NED!  We travel every 3 months to MD Anderson for regular checkups. Many of the kids you’ve featured are our melanoma buddies.

It started with what looked like a bug bite with a “white head/puss filled” look. Gross, I know… sorry.  It never looked like a mole though.  More like a wart.  It grew very, very fast.  Over a period of 4 to 5 weeks. It began to bleed (ulcerate) and would then get a dried out look. It just popped up the end of April.  We had a biopsy June 7… Both his pediatrician and local dermatologist thought it was a type of wart or something benign. ??? I can’t remember exactly what the dermatologist thought it was now. I just know they were all floored when it came back as melanoma. I had a diagnosis on a Friday and the following week I had an appointment at MD Anderson! It was crazy!!!

He’s a healthy happy boy these days! He struggles with the daily sunscreen, hats, etc.  It’s tough for a kid. But it’s our new normal now… He’s getting there. I just pray they find a cure the cause one day. Why these babies are being diagnosed with a disease that is usually sun induced is baffling.