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Faith in Action


“I feel a sense of pride, knowing that everywhere I go, every day, someone will see my car, and walk away with just one piece of information that they did not know before.” – Kristi Nyhuis Donahue 

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This was Keegan’s car. It is now an educational tool, conversation starter and official ambassador for Keegan’s Kids Foundation for Pediatric Melanoma. You can follow along on Faith’s journey as she travels Southern California helping to fulfill our mission here at Keegan’s Kids.  Hope and Faith have created many conversations, commanded a LOT of attention to the details on our cars, not only by passers-by, but by people who purposely stop to learn, admit that they have “no idea” that melanoma is so deadly, or that it can affect our youth. Putting the faces to the disease has made much more of an impact than just reading about the disease online.

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Hope belongs to Kristy Donahue - she also has collages on her car—photos she’s compiled from her Facebook page of youth and adults who are either fighting melanoma or have already lost their battle. She knows every name and story behind their smiling faces, most of whom are children and teens.

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Polka Dot Mama & the Shade Shuttle


The “Shade Shuttle” is a converted school bus wrapped in polka dots and sun safety infographics, the bus is being converted into a mobile education unit, offering free skin screenings and education on melanoma prevention. 

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