This precious little boy is Jaden, and this is his story told by his mom lovely Sabrina:

“Hi, My son’s name is Jaden. He is two years old. In October 2014 he was diagnosed with Advanced melanoma skin cancer stage 3. He has been through a total of 5 surgeries and is battling this deadly disease. He will need to be treated. Jaden has been going through a lot of health problems since the age of 5 months old, starting with meningitis to kidney problems and development delays. I am a single mother of three kids currently on unemployment and due to this illness my son has, I was discharged from my job . I ask that you please send lots of prayers for Jaden. This is very heartbreaking for me to know that this disease is a killing disease and I can loose my son.  Jaden deserves a good and healthy life to be strong and live long, he still has his whole life ahead of him and I will hold his hand and be here with him through every step of the way.  I pray my little boy will have a miracle and he be cured, I have faith and I believe in God . Thank you and God bless.”

(Jaden’s mole appeared at around one year old on his right ear, and over a period of months began to grow.  Jaden would pull at it constantly, until one day it began to bleed, and since then it never healed properly after being cleaned up and watched closely.   Sabrina then took Jaden to the pediatrician, who by a simple glance told her that he could pretty much diagnose this without even a biopsy. Lymph node surgery also came back positive for Melanoma, so Jaden is currently just starting out on Interferon. Please pray for this precious little warrior,and his mommy.)