Landon is 5 years old. He was diagnosed with melanoma on April 27th. Before  he was diagnosed we noticed a a small bump on his knee that looked like a pimple. Over time it got bigger and we realized something wasnt right. We took him to the dermatologist and she told us it was a wart and that we should  go home and  use dr  sholls bandages. So we did.

It wasnt till that didnt work and this "wart" became bigger and changing in color that the dermatologist finally told us that it wasnt behaving correctly and it had to be taken off and tested so  first they they took just the wart off and sent it off. About a week later we got a phone call telling us that the growth was cancerous and we were immediately being referred over to sf. 

Landon under went surgery on his knee to get a wide excision to make sure they got it all out. He got his sentinal node dissection done at the same time so they could see if the lymph nodes were positive. Come to find out they did in fact find the cancer in the node putting Landon at what they told us was stage 3c melanoma . He started his first treatment of nivolumab (optivo) on Tuesday. Landons been taking everything like a champ!"

Landon will continue to receive treatment every two weeks along with blood work over the course of the next year, after that they will wait for the next course of action if needed.