Mitchell’s Story

On December 27, 2011 we took Mitchell to Kalamazoo Dermatology to have a few moles removed.  The one on his back we were concerned about, but primarily because he continued to pick at it and we had noticed it growing in the last 6-8 months.  On January 10 Mike & I were both home when we received a call from Kalamazoo Dermatology that the mole on Mitchell's back was diagnosed positive for Melanoma Cancer.  At that moment, you hear the word Cancer, and you think your son is going to die.  I can't explain it other than crying out to God to "take me Lord....not my little guy"!

I was so thankful that Mike happened to be home and we had each other to fall back on.  After a few hours of tears, shock and fear of the unknown we were able to get to a point of THANKFULNESS that this was found and removed-  and GRATEFULNESS that this is treatable.  Thank you Lord for getting us to this point.  We knew we had to tell Mitch and were thankful it was a Tuesday and we would all be home as a family.   Mitch took the news amazingly well and has blown us away with his awesome attitude and faith.

We were referred to U of M & have since had our 1st consultation which was Wednesday, Jan 25th.  You can read the journal entries to get more details on what we know and what we can expect in the next week or two.

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