Update From Katherine Young  2/26/18

"Ramona is doing great. She’s growing fast and is such a happy girl. Next round of scans next week and working on getting into the melanoma clinic at st Jude’s in April for a third opinion on doing treatments or not. "

From Katherine  Young on September 29, 2017

"Hello all! It feels strange to have joined this group as I am still in some level of denial about my daughter Ramona having cancer. Even when we are at the hospital for appointments, I have this feeling like it's someone else's life. Presumably that feeling will fade. Ramona is 2 months old today and was born with a melanoma tumor above her left eye. At 4 days old she had most of it removed and the remaining pigmented cells were removed 2 weeks ago. She's recovering beautifully! She lost her eyebrow and the ability to lift her brow on that side, but the eyelid still works. We are also grateful that her eyeball was unaffected by the cancer! She is a patient at Hasbro in Rhode Island but we meet with a team at Dana Farber in Boston next week for a second opinion. Our doctors recommend immunotherapy. That's the summary for now! Here's a recent photo of the munchkin and also when she was about to go in for her first operation.