February 25, 2018:

"Big week for Ross. Clinic, labs, and scans. Scan week brings some anxiety until we hear "all clear!" Treatments are going well at home, he's handling the side effects like a true warrior and last night he was just a normal middle school kid playing in a basketball game with his biggest fans there to support him. Please send up some prayers for a great week of appointments and if you're going to be outside for spring break, please remember to pack your sunscreen!!! 🖤💪👊 #rally4ross"

"This is our melanoma warrior, Ross. Our 12 year old son. Ross was diagnosed in the fall with a malignant melanoma tumor on the back of his ear- originally staged a Clark level 4. Underwent WLE and SLB in October. After deciding to be more aggressive surgically with the WLE and go deeper into the cartilage we received great news that he had clear margins and it had not spread to his lymph nodes. He was staged at 2b. The reconstruction surgery on his ear looks amazing and he is doing great. All this great news for our young fighter... and still EVERY SINGLE day I think about what if... Is it going to come back? Show up somewhere else? It's always on my mind. Does that ever go away!!!??? We are attending the St. Jude's Pediatric Melanoma clinic in April- and are so grateful for that opportunity. There is so little research on ped melanoma and we are information hungry as what research there is seems to show melanoma in peds does not always show up or act the same way it does in adults. I am thankful to be a part of this group and hear the stories of all you amazing fighters and caregivers. May God bless all your melanoma warriors!"#rally4ross

"Thank you for following along on Ross's cancer journey. Ross was diagnosed in September 2016 with Stage 2b melanoma on the back of his ear. Ross had successful surgery and reconstruction and the melanoma had not appeared to have spread. In July of 2017, our fears were confirmed as a lump on his neck was diagnosed metastatic melanoma in his lymph nodes, now stage 3c. Thank you for all the love, support and prayers for our Ross as he fights this beast! HE WILL BEAT THE BEAST! #rally4ross"