This Handsome Warrior is Saraj, and this is his story told by his mom Sarah King Kemp.  Saraj was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma at 8 years old.  ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUT PARENTS!!!!!!

“It started very small like the size of a pen point on his back, then in a months time it grew larger than my thumbnail. I knew immediately something wasn’t right… His doc agreed and sent us to a dermatologist, she said is was not right and did a biopsy, then called me two days later with the devastating news that it was melanoma Cancer. We were sent to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the surgeries began. He had a lymph scan which revealed his lymph nodes were involved too. They did a wide excision on his back where they found the melanoma , and they took his lymph nodes from his left femar. They staged him at stage 3 melanoma, so now we are here in Atlanta for a whole month receiving his Interferon(chemo treatments)..

We had a hard time with his wound healing up. Two months after his second surgery and it started something called granulation. They had to re-open the spots that look like they were blistering up. They used silver nitrate to do that…that’s the Greyish looking area you see on the right bottom pic. I can’t show the third surgery because it runs from his left hip down past his scrotum.

It was on his left side where his waistband is, so he lost half of his left butt cheek.  I want parents to know that just because it looks normal doesn’t mean it is…if it changes don’t hesitate to take your baby. And if you don’t get the right answers keep pushing until you do. If I would have waited any longer..the way his Cancer is so aggressive he could have very well slipped into stage 4. Looking under a scope the oncologist said his cells where very mean looking and agressive so are treating Saraj as an adult Melanoma.

They were saying it’s so rare because it’s usually for fair skin. But my baby is biracial so that’s not true!!!!!!!! Now we are finished with his 20 High dosage of Chemotherapy…we have been away from home for the entire month of November. Once we get home we to take three shots a week for the next year and pray this nasty cancer frees itself from his body!!

Please Pray For One of Keegan’s Kids Favorite Warriors!